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Get the Most of Your Photo Shoot with these Inside Tips

We have recently partnered with an online digital marketing company to help get your properties in front of the right audience ONLINE directly from our order form! We want you to get the most out of your photo shoot with us! So we are sharing some inside tips.

Check out this checklist for a great photo shoot!

  1. Plan ahead and schedule at least a week in advance! We do understand that there are exceptions and photographs are needed ASAP and we will try to accommodate your appt. as requested.

  2. Please place your order online! as this allows you to choose the services you need that would best showcase your listing and it allows us to know the amount of time we will need to complete your photoshoot. Please call us if you have any concerns or questions before placing your order.

  3. Potential bad weather! We can photoshop sunny skies but on waterfront properties rescheduling is suggested.

  4. Review our “Preparing your home for Professional Photography” with your seller so they know your expectations for great photos and what to do prior to our arrival! (see the attached link below)

  5. Have your seller corral their pets prior to our arrival! We love pets but we do not want to be responsible for one of them to escape through an open door. Also it allows for the photographer to capture the photography without interruption from a curious pet.

  6. Communication is key! If there are certain amenities of the home that you are wanting highlighted please write in the comment section of your order or communicate when the photographer arrives.

  7. When it is feasible please have the homeowners, children and pets leave the home! We understand that we are invading the homeowners home but the more people at the property results in a longer time than allocated for the shoot. Also we are following COVID GUIDELINES.

  8. For the best results, attend the photography session! We would love to see you! If you cannot be at the photo shoot please let us know who we will be meeting. Arrive a few minutes early and make sure the seller is ready. Please turn all lights on and ceiling fans off.

  9. Set the expectation with the homeowner that the house be ready as if it was an OPEN HOUSE. Placing your order online also informs you of the time allotted for each service you ordered please and you can convey that to the Seller.

  10. Time is Money! We respect your time and we like to start our appt as scheduled. We will always communicate with you if we can be early or we are going to be late.

  11. Kindly give plenty of notice (at least 24 hours hours, preferably 48 hours) if you need to cancel or reschedule. We try to avoid charging cancellation fees.


Paired with our online marketing kit you have all you need to virtually sell your current and future listings ONLINE!

Contact us for more information on our marketing services or click one of the links below for more information!


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